Travelling is a transformative process. I believe travel and food are inherently connected in many ways on how we see the world and understanding the local culture.

I believe in consciously making each journey to be unique in our own way, to shape the way that each trip is impacting our world view.

As a creative and writer, travelling changed the way I see the world and provided meaningful connections that changed the story I have to tell about the world. It also changed my personal life in a dramatical way, from a traditional career path to that of a digital one, from structured lifestyle to a flexible work-life balance, the list goes on and on…

I’m also passionate about transforming the way that the blogging industry is evolving into a new profession of its own right. This allows other passionate individuals like myself to create a unique path with an exciting future ahead.


I have spent the last year speaking to groups and organisations about the transformative effect of meaningful travel experiences, and also about the ways brands and influencers are working together. Combined with my digital marketing background, this is a unique combination of information and useful content that can be tailored to your organisation’s mission/goals.

Past Topics and Events

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Ready to Talk?

If you would like to collaborate on a perspective shifting and empowering speech about some of my experiences and life lessons, I would love to discuss more! Let’s plan a uniquely tailored talk and event that fits your organisation’s goals and mission. You can contact me here:

Email: Laurie@lauriewang.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lauriewang_