Japanese Tasting Menu with WhatWeAte.Co

Join me at the table with WhatWeAte.co and enjoy the intimate dining experience of meeting interesting people over food!

What is better than having a delicious meal? Definitely the company and people you spend it eating with!

This past Wednesday, I had an amazing and memorable experience at the Japanese Chawanmushi event with the WhatWeAte.Co crew, a concept I had started working on with a couple of friends. It is a new social dining concept that brings interesting people together over food. Hosts can sign up to cook at their home for guests to join them at the table. Host can then charge a set price based on their menu.

WhatWeAte.Co Website SnapshotThis is such a refreshing alternative to the current restaurant scene in London. There is a certain underground and secretive vibe to these homely events which makes then even more interesting to attend. It’s almost the present day version of the 1920’s speakeasies, but very open and inviting.

IMG_20141106_090000We were welcomed into the venue at 7:30pm on the dot, and it is situated just off Old Street, which made it very central and easily to get to. There were about 25 people scheduled to come for the night, which definitely opens up the floor for interesting conversations. From chefs to writers and from musicians to economists, the crowd was certainly diverse!

There were menus on each delicately placed plate, which help to direct the guests to what each course of the meal will be. We started off with a light and refreshing picked cucumber with radish starter.

Starter dish with cucumber and picked radish - WhatWeAte.co

This dishes were followed by Chawanmushi, which in straight translation from Japanese, it is a egg flavoured custard, which does not do the dish justice to describe how light and delicious it was. The shitake mushroom added to the moorish taste of the dish.

Chawanmushi - New Yorker meets London

According to some of the Japanese food experts in the room (I’m clearly not one of them!) 🙂 Chawanmushi is a perfect dish to have during Autumn in Japan. It actually mean “tea cup steam” in Japanese, there is a fact of the day for ya! Despite being light and supple, it’s utterly hot and warming in the current cold weather in London.

Spinach salad - WhatWeAte.coWe were then served with a savoury wilted spinach salad with dashi marinade with katsuobushi. This then complemented perfectly with the saikyo miso marinated salmon. The salmon was cooked perfectly and served with steamed Japanese rice. 

m 15

For dessert, it was a bit of surprise for most guests as a lot of them have no had Japanese sweets before. The black sesame Daifuku (glutinous rice dessert filled with red bean paste) was one of my favourite. Although I did find the nettle leave wrapped rice dessert very novel given it’s mixture of savoury of sweet, which worked together really well.

m 14

I just wanted to also give a shout out to all of the lovely 25 guests who came to the event. You guys are what made the night extra special. #WhatWeAte Bring on the next one! 🙂

P.S. We’ve recently put up our Facebook and Twitter channels for WhatWeAte, which you can find here and here. Also, you can follow us on Instagram here.

P.P.S. See you at the next event! 🙂