Shoryu Ramen in London

Shoryu Ramen Bottomless Brunch Review

In the street stalls of Hakata in Japan, you’ll likely stumble upon the type of ramen that you’ll find in Shoryu Ramen in London. Thick, creamy broth of pork bones boiled until every bit of fat and marrow have melted into the umami-rich soup. This type of ramen is so dense in flavour and full of feel-good factors that it will send your taste buds dancing. If you are interested in other ramen places in London that I have tried, you’ll be glad to see that they all have distinctive offerings!

What surprised me was that, with this type of delicious offering and very fulfilling at that (one bowl is more than enough to serve a hearty meal), Shoryu Ramen also decided to roll out a new bottomless brunch menu.

shoryu ramen london

What’s in the Shoryu Ramen bottomless brunch menu?

In this brunch menu, you can choose from 2 types of Shoryu buns (pork belly or vegetarian) served with a side of edamame. Then, you choose 4 sides from chicken karage, tiger prawn tempura, takoyaki, black sesame tofu, seaweed salad, and gyozas, just to name some of these! Then, finally, you are served a small serving of your choice of bottomless ramen from a variety of flavors (yes, that’s right, how could it be?!).

Oh and I forgot to mention the bottomless drinks, including sparkling wine, house wine, Calpico, Kobai plum wine, and green tea.

shoryu ramen london

shoryu ramen london

shoryu ramen london

shoryu ramen london

Of course, I made sure that Simon and I have properly digested our light breakfast before heading to our peril of this bottomless ramen brunch.

To ensure that we have tried the menu thoroughly to report back to you guys, we opted for each item of the sides from the menu.

It was my first time tasting black sesame tofu, the flavor was rich and jelly-like, very refreshing to pair with chicken karage and prawn tempura.

My favorite item from the sides menu was the takoyaki. This is because it reminded me of my trip to Japan in 2008, when I tried it for the very first time outside of a Kyoto temple. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to find takoyaki delivered with the same level of expertise.

shoryu ramen london

Here at Shoryu Ramen, my memories of takoyaki met its match. The interior was creamy with chunks of octopus, with a slightly cooked chewy skin exterior, then drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and finally generous servings teriyaki sauce and fish shavings.

shoryu ramen london

The bottomless ramen appeared in small bowls shortly after, which allowed the individual to sample multiple flavors in various broths. Such a great idea! Although, in practice, I really couldn’t eat more than one serving.

Finally, we concluded the ramen eating marathon with 2 scoops of yuzu and matcha ice cream.

The experience was sensational, to be able to taste various types of Japanese snacks and specialty sides, before tucking into sampling a variety of ramen. If you have the appetite to sit with friends for several hours with bottomless drinks and ramen, this is a great steal for only £38 on a Sunday afternoon!

Where can you ask for this Shoryu Ramen brunch menu?

Shoryu Ramen bottomless brunch is available on Sundays at Covent Garden, Liverpool Street, and Manchester.

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